The Evolution of Communication

The evolution of communication. Once we understand that every generation communicates differently we will be able to build more effective relationships

The Evolution of Communication

The way people communicate has evolved over the years. If you look back on history you will see that are many stages to the way people have communicated. You have people that are only accepting of human touches: face -to- face, telephone, audio and video chat. Then you have people that are only accepting of electronic touches such as email, IM, texting, blogs, podcasting and last but not least social media. And of course there are people that are accepting of both.

Have you ever considered that people from different generations communicate differently? For example my mother does not understand the internet slang abbreviation LOL (laughing out loud). This is a prime example of generational communication gaps. Now it’s all beginning to make sense.

What if we could understand how to effectively communicate to all generations?

The Evolution of Communication per Generation

As we all may know, different generations prefer different methods of communication. People nowadays are using smart phones and smart devices to communicate. But, not all generations are accepting of this phenomenon.

Let’s take a look at how different generations prefer to communicate:

50 & 60 somethings – require human touch to begin relationships

-Shuns electronic touches

40 Somethings – Require human touch to begin most relationships

-Open to e-touch because of social media

30 Somethings – Can begin relationships with human or electronic touches

-Sustains with electronic touches

-Periodically require human touches

-Beginning to use social to keep up with friends and the world

20 Somethings – Begin and sustains relationships with electronic touches

-Easily holds multiple conversations

-Reserves human touches for close friends, and business associates

-Uses social to communicate

Humans are impatient and expect communication to be quick and easy. Hence why my generation is wrapped up so heavily into text messaging.

Once we understand that every generation communicates differently we will be able to build more effective relationships. I challenge you to evaluate how you communicate with your peers. From what you know now, do you think your past messages were accepted like you hoped?



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