Knowing your brand and using social media to promote it

yourbrandKnowing your brand and using social media to promote it may seem like something reserved for Fortune 500 companies.  In reality, they are not the only ones that need a brand and social media presence.  Today even individuals can benefit from building a recognizable brand through social channels.  You may be wondering why you need to brand yourself and here’s why.

Think of it as a way of promoting yourself.  Today’s job market has completely shifted from in-person searches, calls and other non-technical means, to online searches. This means knowing your brand and using social media to promote it are your first line of defense. Your dream job may not appear on job boards like or Knowing your brand and using social media could lead a recruiter conducting a confidential search right to YOU.  Having a recognizable brand and using social media to promote it become your most powerful tool whether you are looking for a job or not.Your brand and using social media

Your brand and knowing how to promote it

When building your brand and using social media, consider the following in your planning process.

  • Network, network, network: Most business people have already tapped into the power of LinkedIn, which has become the largest network of professionals.  It’s not enough to have a LinkedIn account. Creating your brand and using social media will increase your visibility to others within the site. Listening and commenting on conversations to keeping up-to-date with your network’s activities and giving congratulating will raise your ranking for those potential recruiters.
  • Selecting the right tools: Using visuals to promote your work or telling a story can instantly make a connection for the viewer before even ever meeting you.   Consider creating accounts that can support your trade.  If you are a photographer, share your work on  If you are a chef, share your recipes and photos on  Videographer, is your best friend.  You get the idea!
  • Stay relevant: Don’t forget that the virtual world moves quickly and it is important to keep your profile and support social media channels updated with your latest work.  This can also increase your visibility in internet searches.

Knowing your brand and using social media to promote it can be easy.  It all starts with a plan of what is the best way of promoting yourself and keeping it relevant.

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