Social Media and Fashion Bloggers Forge The New Face of Fashion

Fashion used to have a certain mystique and exclusivity in its media coverage. Front row seating at the big fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, and Donna Karan was once only reserved for real fashion editors.¬†Editors who could write in AP Style. Editors who knew the difference between silk charmeuse and silk shantung. Editors whose loyal newspaper and magazine readers couldn’t wait to read what New York, London, Paris and Milan touted as the latest trends.¬†(Photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week)

That world has gone the way of the Rolodex. Social media has changed everything about the way fashion is covered today.

Twenty-something size 0 fashion bloggers garner coveted runway seating next to Vogue’s Anna Wintour. They Tweet, Instagram, Snapchat, post to Facebook and Pin to their followers their favorite looks in real time. Within seconds, a top designer’s beautifully designed and crafted creation pops up on a blogger’s post.

Social media has made it possible for fashion bloggers to rapidly rise to ranks once only achieved after years in the business or promotions up the newspaper and magazine masthead ladder. Their credentials lie in the fact that they love clothes. And they love seeing themselves in them. They snap selfies or hire a photographer to capture them strolling down the street in their cool mix of Chanel and Gap. Their sense of style is hip and happening. And in most cases, these fashion bloggers are the brand image. They are the face in their Instagram shot, Pinterest pin, and Facebook post.

Social media channels have opened the doors to a once exclusive community of fashion influencers and taste makers. These new arbiters of fashion, bloggers from Britain to Boston, from Tokyo to Tulsa have democratized fashion. They’ve made even the most exclusive fashion collections, like an Alexander McQueen, accessible to that girl in Great Bend, Kan. And it’s in the palm of her hand. With a swipe and a click, our girl in Great Bend, shares a front row seat at Prada with her favorite fashion blogger.

Soon New York Fashion Week goes live this month, followed by the London, Milan and Paris fashion collections. Fashion’s best bloggers will be out in full force to keep us all posted on social media.

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